CENIBRA continually seeks to satisfy its stakeholders and develop a good relationship with its customers, business partners, and communities. Should you have a complaint, please let us know by filing it under the following subjects: pode registrar uma reclamação para tratar de diversos assuntos, tais como:

How’s my driving?
Safety is a key component of our business. In this respect, CENIBRA provides its drivers with guidance on traffic regulation, defensive driving, and careful driving when passing through communities in which the Company operates. Should you have any complaints, please select "How’s my driving".
Community (stakeholders)
CENIBRA values transparent, ethical relationship with all of its stakeholders. That is why we make a point to always have a friendly, effective dialogue with communities. Should you have any complaints about CENIBRA, our employees, or business partners, please select "Community (stakeholders)".
Odor Perception Network
CENIBRA's entire production process complies with strict quality standards, which require respect for the environment and nearby communities. Should you have any complaints about atmospheric odor, please select “Odor Perception Network”.
If the previous options don’t cover the subject you want to report, please select "Others".
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