Should you need CENIBRA's support in any activity that concerns our field of activity, please submit your request. You may select one or more of the subjects below.

Community (stakeholders)
CENIBRA values transparent, ethical relationship with all of its stakeholders. That is why we make a point to always have a friendly, effective dialogue with communities. Should you have any request, please select "Community (stakeholders )".
CENIBRA actively participates in events in the municipalities in which it operates and enters into partnerships to support initiatives that foster socioeconomic growth and sustainable practices. Should you have any proposal in line with our activities, please select "Sponsorship".
Projects under tax incentive laws
One of CENIBRA’s objectives is to support effective actions that favor regional development. After all, working in partnership with communities and respecting the environment are part of our history. With this in mind, we provide support to a number of socio-cultural projects under tax incentive laws. Should you have a project that meets applicable legal requirements, please select "Projects under tax incentive laws".
CENIBRA opens its doors to welcome visitors who wish to learn about our production process. Should you be interested in learning more, please select “Visits”.
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