Conflict of Interest

Employees’ external activities and functional duties must be in full harmony, avoiding working time conflicts, so as not to reflect on their professional relationship with the Company.

The following are situations of conflict of interest and employees and their families should not be involved in such situations:

  • Directly or indirectly hold any kind of interest in companies or organizations that may benefit from existing or potential commercial and financial relationships with CENIBRA;
  • Use the position in the Company to gain current or future personal advantages and influence decisions that may favor his or her own interests or interests of customers, suppliers, or third parties in general, to the detriment of the Company's interests or that may adversely affect the company’s profit;
  • Carry out external activities during working hours, such as consulting or holding a position in organizations with conflicting interests, which do or plan to do business with CENIBRA;
  • Market products of any kind in the Company.

Notwithstanding the provisions and subject to the criteria set out in Procedure DIR-43/18 “Forestation Incentive Program and Wood Procurement”, an employee or his/her dependent may participate in the forestation incentive program, which aims to provide a new alternative to meeting part of CENIBRA plant’s demand for wood.