Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee was set up by the Executive Management’s Decision DIR-16/03 under the coordination of the Legal Department. It relies on the participation of four full members, two of whom represent the technical & industrial maintenance and forest areas, one represents the Human Resources department, and one the Corporate Governance Advisory Service. Moreover, the manager or advisor from the area in which the breaching employee works also participates in the reviews by the Ethics Committee. Its main duties are:

  • Analyze the reported events in accordance with the Code of Conduct and other related instruments;
  • Recommend the appropriate penalties as provided for in the Code of Conduct;
  • Submit to the Executive Management an annual statistical report of events and penalties applied during the period;
  • Recommend the opening and conduct of administrative, civil, or criminal proceedings, as applicable;
  • Meet with managers and advisors once a year or whenever required to provide statistical information on the occurrences and penalties applied during the period.