Confidential and Insider Information

Company affairs should be treated with discretion by employees and business partners. The dissemination of rumors and the provision of fake information or misinformation are inadmissible. Engaging in dealings with other companies based on insider information or taking actions that may lead to suspicions of insider information is not permitted.

Any CENIBRA information or document may only be used or disclosed by any means, including through the press, by an authorized employee, bearing in mind that in-company proprietary data require confidential treatment and shall be restricted to the respective areas involved. Detailed guidelines on this matter are provided in the “Corporate Communication Manual”, which must be known and complied with by everyone.

Dependable, accurate recording of data and information is critical to reliable accounting reports, suitable decision-making, and proper compliance with laws, regulations, and CENIBRA's internal guidelines.

Any information stored in databases should only be accessed by authorized persons.

Should any employee hold or know any improper information, he or she should report to the corresponding area or person responsible for such information.