Relationship in Workplace

Relationships in the workplace should be based on courtesy and dialogue, regardless of position or job, while fully respecting fundamental human rights.

At CENIBRA, the basic principle of valuing people makes any harassment, discrimination, disqualification, intimidation, and embarrassment based on race, color, appearance, sexual orientation, gender, philosophical, political, and religious belief, social class, special need, marital status, hierarchical level, or any other form of prejudice unacceptable.

From an ethical standpoint, managers should make proper use of recognition and punishment mechanisms, accept criticism, clarify doubts, and avoid personal and emotional preferences when making decisions. The right to privacy shall be respected by everyone.

Transparency is another important principle that should always permeate any relationship, which requires constant objectivity, clarity, and openness.

CENIBRA does not accept forced, slave-like, or similar labor practices, as well as the use of child labor or any form of sexual exploitation among its own personnel and those of its business partners.

Should a minor be hired as an apprentice, the applicable laws in force in the country shall be complied with and the Company must make sure such apprenticeship will not prevent the minor from continuing his or her studies.