Relationship with Customers and Suppliers

Customer relations shall be guided by principles set out in CENIBRA’s Customer Satisfaction Policy. Any customer must be treated with courtesy and efficiency and provided with accurate, clear, transparent information. Agreements with customers must always be respected, while seeking to continuously improve the product quality in line with the latest market trends, identifying and implementing technological improvements, and adopting appropriate procedures and standards. Customer complaints should be recorded in the Integrated Management System and dealt with according to specific internal procedures.

Similarly, the selection of suppliers and service providers should be guided by a spirit of partnership and based on clear, straightforward engagement processes, favoring the business partner's ethics and technical skills and considering strictly professional criteria.

Negotiations with suppliers and customers must be based on honesty and fairness, with a focus on the Company's interests.

Service measurements and payments in disagreement with agreed contractual conditions are inadmissible and characterize negligence by the employee in fulfilling his or her obligations as provided for in the corresponding employment agreement.

International trade treaties, laws, and regulations, as well as rules applicable to raw material procurement and import and export transactions, must be duly complied with.

Except for promotional gifts, the receipt or granting of gifts, payments, favors, services, special considerations, discounts, and entertainment, among other items directly or indirectly offered to employees or third parties, shall only be allowed if they are in line with the guidelines set forth in Procedure DIR-36/15 “Bribery Prevention”, which must be known and complied with by everyone.